Traffic box camouflage project

Tina Fox was selected as one of five artists to paint three traffic boxes in North Sydney for the 'Colouring our habitat' traffic box project run by North Sydney Council.


As an architect and artist the idea of site was critical to Tina in the development of the traffic box designs. It was important that the traffic boxes responded directly to their environment and she worked with the concept of creating an urban camouflage. Tina held workshops with students from North Sydney Girls School to develop ideas based on site, camouflage, street art and the urban landscape.


Each final design is site specific and draws direct inspiration from the pavement patterns, tree shadows, road markings and fence boundaries. The colours were also matched to the local environment with seven tones of grey picked to sit alongside a bright yellow. These elements were abstracted into graphic designs that both melt into the immediate landscape and trick the eye with playful patterns.


Please go to the council website for more information 



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