Stringram - Sydney Design festival 2013



Stringram was an Instagram challenge created for the 2013 Sydney Design Festival. It was one of only about 70 events accepted as part of the official line up.


The Stringram Instachallenge brief was based upon the theme for the year: 'Design re-think: can clever design save the world". String based creations responding to the theme were posted onto Instagram for a chance to win a mini book of the best entries. It was judged by Tina Fox, Michele Morcos, Alex Falkiner, Angela van Boxtel and Stephen Fox.


The challenge was designed with the following in mind:

- Access to Sydney design for those not in Sydney

- Accessibility for those that can't attend due to work, family commitments, disability etc.

- Giving people a chance to join in, share ideas get creative- Encourage people to actively take part and contribute rather than just observe.

- Run the type of online event which is gaining huge popularity

- Engage in a visual social media tool popular with designers


#lovelinestringram The winning concept by @seeinteriors encouraged people to imagine if the string left the side of their photo and entered yours and you pegged on symbols of could possibly make it's way around the Insta world.



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