North Sydney Council - Artwork design & installation 2014

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North Sydney Council wanted to add some drama, colour and modern interest to the newly refurbished Enineering & Property Services and Open Space & Environmental Services departments.


The offices are located within a building designed by Sydney's modernist architect Harry Seidler with beautiful coffered ceilings and concrete wall areas that exposes the delicate wooden grain of the timber formwork used in the manufacture. The building is surrounded by trees and the views from the office windows are very leafy even though the offices are located in the heart of the North Sydney CBD.


The overall high impact concept was to mimic the feel of the leafy trees outside the windows and bring more colour into the fairly neutral space. 


The lobby area is accessible by the public and the focus here was to create a fun and dynamic, welcoming entrance. A green circular rug was installed in front of the lift, with green decal artwork to the surrounding doors. A hand made plywood and acrylic disc wall hanging was created by Tina Fox as a textural contrast to the concrete wall which gently ripples in the breeze of the doorway.


The decal spots continue into the office area to mask a wall with various alarm and electrical panels and to visually tie in with the existing green plant wall. 


Transparent decal spots were added to the meeting room glazed panels with five bespoke coil woven hanging baskets created by the North Sydney artist Michele Morcos.