Green Square Library - proposal
public art crochet sydney
rope crochet public art tin fox artist
crochet rope public art tina fox  artist sydney

The proposal for Thought Factory comprised a series of hand crocheted chimney stacks suspended from the interior of the proposed triangle lobby ceiling.


The installation acts as a reminder of the industrial heritage of Green Square and points towards the library as a new kind of factory, churning out thoughts and knowledge. The forms are bold and eye catching, accentuating the shapes and taking inspiration from the graphics of the modern urban environment.


The towers are crocheted by hand from wool, symbolising one of the most important materials that was processed in the old factories. The act of crochet also domesticates the industrial nature of the chimneys and helps us to remember the individual people that were employed at the factories. It also pokes fun at the negative associations of oral histories and the romanticised past in what Elisabeth Farrelly called ‘doilied memories’ in The Histories of the Green Square document.


At night time the chimneys are illuminated by LED’s spiraling around the crochet in a

smoke-like twisting.