crochet lab...

The artistic journey is about constant experimentation. We learn new techniques and then try to channel our individual point of view through those skills in a way that is personally interesting and meaningful to ourselves. 


Tina's work is fuelled by the challenge of bringing old craft techniques together with new or unusual materials and ideas. In her Crochet Lab series she teaches basic technique and then encourages experimentation with shape and materials to challenge what you think you know about craft.


- Suitable for total beginners or those more advanced who wish to challenge their practice.

- All materials provided. If you have a desire to work with something specific please bring it along.

- You will take home your completed work, some spare materials and a large crochet hook.



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Sunday 10th August 2014 11:30-1:30
Camperdown, Sydney at the studio of Michele Morcos
you have the opportunity to pop over afterwards to a talk being given by Michele
at 2pm on the closing day of her solo show at Crissie Cotter Gallery