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All The Little Seeds Sitting In Her Hand is a work of documentation, revelation and transformation. Local spinners and weavers were filmed in Berry and observed by the artist revealing a deep bond amongst the group and the importance of sharing both craft skills and techniques but also news, gossip and tales. Teasing yarns and weaving stories become intertwined in these moments of sharing and coming together, both aspects as important as each other.

Fox celebrates these moments by creating a documentary film that reveals the functional skills and mechanical operations involved in spinning yarn and the rhythmic and mesmerising hands, wheels and thread. She then reflects on the stories and tales told and weaves the words herself into a poem and subsequently into a textile work of filet lace crochet. 

The crochet is created in circles of text that echo the actions of the spinners and is further transformed into a digital film that takes the crochet words and spins them into a hypnotic film that unites craft skill, storytelling magic and new media into a mesmerising blur.

Fish, friends and family go off after 3 days i’ve got some salmon I told her and she said no just a bit of butter and feta that’s the thing you know you’ve got to try, you never know if it works until you’ve tried it it makes it unique like baby fluff it blows away in the wind my feet wouldn’t talk to each other it had to be at least 6 inches above your knee i think you’ve got to bring that back she was a very good instructor never used a measure not in this day and age we’ve got our hands on so many things they can have so i have to make gluten free cake for her she’s much more open minded than the previous one which is great they’re doing what they want to do and they can choose and then argue in bed and they were literally blue with the cold with all the little seeds sitting in her hand...


Hand made crochet, cotton thread, metal hoop, digital animation

comissioned by:

Open Field Arts Festival , Berry NSW 2023

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