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The piece was hand crocheted by Tina Fox from around 2500m of cotton string, measuring 2m wide by 2.8m long.


The site specific concept references the architectural history of the site and the 1958 proposal for high density residential towers over Mcmahons Poin by Harry Seidler architects. Blues Point Tower was the only resulting manifestation of the scheme and has become a Sydney icon, both loved and hated.


Apparition was made from crochet and string that recreates the illusion of part of the facade of Blues Point Tower and is suspended from the existing timber staircase on the reserve.


The work becomes an apparition of what could have been. The crochet art acts as a trace of past schemes and grand plans. The colour of the string echoes the concrete material used and the window patterns of the piece reflect the existing tower itself which can be viewed from the reserve.


Hand made crochet, cotton string.


Finalist in Sawmiller's Reserve Sculpture Prize Sydney 2014

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