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 ‘You Can See Right Through Me’ is a sculpture hand crocheted from string. The crochet net forms a delicate lace like structure that overlays the surrounding vistas and casts a geometric shadow on the ground. The body graphic is created using a filet crochet method and replicates the height, width and depth of the artist. The process is slow, labour intensive and repetitive, a kind of faux slow mass production. The seemingly identical figures are at close inspection inherently non-identical and fragile.


The piece is at once diagrammatic, echoing the standardized body from architectural drafting books, whilst mocking the idea of the monolithic sculpture with its transparency. The graph paper like surfaces interplay with each other, the horizon and surrounding spectators. The cumulative effect of the bodies creates a beautiful yet slightly sinister and still, hand crafted army of sentinels overlooking the office blocks of the city in the distance.


The title of the piece, ‘You Can See Right Through Me’ both refers to the physicality and transparency of the piece but also to the motivations of the artist and the reasons why a piece would be entered into a prize exhibition. Is it money, fame, recognition, experience, kudos, passion or fun? Should we give prizes for art, who are the decision makers and in the end does it matter?


Hand made crochet, cotton string, wood.

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