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Dolly is a 3 metre tall sculpture crocheted from 4mm cotton rope with an extra large hook and is internally illuminated with metres of IP65 LED strip lights that cast a soft light through the woven structure. She looks beautiful in the daytime, concealing all trace of electronics and gadgetry and then softly glows at night to draw attention.


Tina Fox enjoys pushing the limits of craft and sculpture to soften modern technologies and this year Dolly has been created as a response to childhood memories of night lights, bedtime dolls and soft teddys. Her extra long arms and huggable body beg to be touched making us all feel like kids again, remembering the times we would hunt for monsters under the bed at night time.


She also provides the perfect chance to have that all important photo opportunity...


Hand made crochet, cotton rope, LED, plastic reel, wood.


Commissioned for Vivid Sydney Light Walk 2015

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