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Them and Us is a hand made textile artwork using the craft of filet crochet which works with open and closed lace squares that create a pixelated and digital binary aesthetic. From one side of the window the word 'THEM' is apparent and from the other side we see 'US'.

The artist has chosen to work with crochet as it cannot be automated, unlike knitting, embroidery or lacework. All crochet is made by hand. 

'Them and Us' is an antidote to the twitching net curtains that used to be so popular in our homes, creating a clear division between the private domestic and public outside world. Its as if the curtains are taking a point of view and giving us their opinion, reminding us that there are two sides to every story.


Hand made crochet, cotton thread, salvaged timber window, steel chain.


North Sydney Art Prize finalist 2019

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