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Magic Circle is an immense two-metre-square glowing version of the humble crochet granny square, often seen repeated in traditional blankets and vintage crochet designs. This artwork uses traditional craft techniques in innovative ways, to produce an architectural-scale installation, and a revolutionary interpretation of textile artistry.


The piece is crocheted by hand, using a large 20mm hook, 1000m of cotton rope and 55m of LED rope light. The crocheted rope is entwined around the lights, masking the light source and forming internally illuminated coils. The coils glow and are linked decoratively together with more rope, using traditional crochet motifs.


A magic circle is an important crochet beginner's technique and forms the centre of the work. The core of the sculpture is left open as a viewing porthole or illuminated frame so that you can gaze at the sky, stars and surrounding environment. The open-weave nature of the crochet construction also allows the work to behave like a translucent veil, coaxing the piece to merge with its background.


This installation was conceived combining simple lighting technology with a high level of craft mastery, creating beautiful lighting effects with very simple materials. The overall effect is futuristic and magical, challenging our preconceptions about craft, its role within the built environment, and how lighting technologies can be used in partnership with traditional crafts.


Please go to the Vivid website for more information 


A big thanks to McGraw Metalwork, North Sydney Council and Waterman Engineers.


Big thanks to Nikki To for the excellent night shots.


Hand made crochet, cotton rope, steel, plywood, LED rope.


Commissioned for Vivid Sydney Light Walk 2014

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