12 Week Triptych (Red) 
tina fox artist , crochet art,


tina fox artist, crochet art

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Textiles have been used for thousands of years to record important events and other data, from the storytelling tapestries of the ancient Greeks to the modern commemorative cross stitch sampler.


12 Week Triptych (Red) is born of the desire to preserve the memory of a momentous yet fleeting digital experience, to create an artefact. Here the artist has taken a printed ultrasound image from her first pregnancy and has reinterpreted it to create a craft and technological hybrid.


Surgical cotton suture is crocheted into hollow round forms which are then placed onto a flatbed scanner and slowly manoeuvred scan by scan to create a stop motion animation. The low resolution imaging creates an interpretation of the pixelated view of the ultrasound scanner as it passes over the womb and fetus, revealing voids and sections of anatomy. The textile appears to come to life.

12 Week Triptych (Red) was exhibited at the North Sydney Coal Loader for The Red Project 2018